Kompetenztraining für Frauen von Schwarzgurt-Managerin Dr Saskia Schottelius: Kommunikation + Kampfkunst für Führung, Karriere, Resilienz, Rhetorik  u. Charisma


Resilience-training for female scientists

How to transform a crisis into a challenge


Resilience is the ability to keep on going no matter what setback or struggle comes into your way. Highly resilient people are able to rebound successfully during challenging circumstances and are always open to new learnings and new opportunities.

Strengthening your resilience muscle is a skill that can lead to more self-confidence, less stress and more effective work management in the academic context.

In this workshop we will focus on how resilience can be learned and how it can be used for your personal growth and academic success and solutions. The key will be a training in mindfulness, based on awareness in language and in motion. After a lot of practice, movement and experimenting we maybe will be able to look forward to our next crisis and handle our conflicts with generosity and grace.